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Bylaw Eight

ARTICLE VIII - Committees

Section 1 - Committees of the Board may be standing or ad hoc.  The president shall appoint all committees subject to approval by the Board.  Standing committees shall consist of a minimum of three (3) individuals and shall be chaired by a member of the Board or a designee approved by a majority of the Board.  At least one member of each standing committee shall be appointed from the general membership, i.e., shall not be a Board member.  The president may from time to time, with the approval of the Board, appoint additional members of any standing committee.

Section 2 - Each standing committee shall report to the Board its recommendations upon all areas of its responsibility.  At least sixty (60) days before the end of each fiscal year, each standing committee shall present to the budget committee its proposed budget for the following fiscal year.

Section 3 - The standing committees and their assigned functions are:

  • Nominating Committee - reviews the performance of the members of the Board eligible for re-election; recruits and nominates potential Board members; presents a slate of proposed Board members at the annual membership meeting; recommends candidates for vacancies on the Board; and nominates officers of the APHS;
  • Membership Committee – maintains detailed membership records, including the status of dues payments, and develops programs for maintaining and expanding the general membership of the APHS;
  • Budget and Finance Committee - prepares a proposed budget for the approval of the Board of Trustees at the last regular meeting of the Board in each fiscal year and recommends budgetary adjustments during the course of each year, as deemed necessary; plans and implements special and ongoing funding and endowment development activities; monitors investments of the Corporation's assets, advising the Board of Trustees of any recommended changes in investments;
  • Archives, Artifacts & Museum Committee – collects, exhibits, preserves, restores, and archives any archival materials, artifacts, and other documents (excluding press) relating to the founding and continuing evolution of the City of Asbury Park; supports and organizes the formation of an Asbury Park Historical Society Museum.
  • Marketing, Fundraising, Special Events & Programs Committee – arranges and conducts the regularly scheduled public programs of the APHS; writes or causes to be written, and arranges for the distribution of articles, newsletters, and flyers publicizing the APHS’s current projects and future ventures; oversees all ad hoc committees established by the Board for the organization of projects and events conducted to further the purposes of the APHS;
  • Grants, Resources & Government Relations Committee – researches sources of income to support the mission of the APHS (other than through membership and fundraising events) and prepares grant applications and/or other documents for such purposes; acts as liaison between the APHS and any outside governmental agencies.
  • Historic Preservation Committee – promotes the restoration and preservation of landmarks, buildings and sites that exemplify the City’s historically diverse character and standing as a premiere New Jersey shore resort;  promotes the value and benefit of historic preservation through public education; oversees the identification and evaluation of historic buildings and districts; and nominates properties to the National Register of Historic Places; promotes and organizes the formation of an Asbury Park Historic Preservation Commission.
  • Website & Media Committee - maintains any APHS website.
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