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Join a group of committed and active members whose goal it is to preserve the city's landmarks and educate others about the history and culture of our wonderful city by the sea.

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Bylaw Two

ARTICLE II – Purposes

Section 1 – The APHS is organized exclusively for one or more purposes as specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Section 2 - The specific business and purpose of the APHS is to bring together people interested in the history of the City of Asbury Park and to do anything and everything necessary, convenient, or proper to carry out the following functions and accomplish the following tasks:

  • to collect, preserve and make available for viewing or study materials relating to the history of Asbury Park;
  • to sponsor and/or organize meetings, programs, lectures, displays, exhibitions, media events, tours and other activities presenting and interpreting the history of Asbury Park;
  • to encourage, support and sponsor historical research and the publication and dissemination of local history as printed, audio-visual, electronic and online documents, websites, newspaper articles and other formats;
  • to advise and inform agencies of government at all levels, and especially the Mayor and Council of the City of  Asbury Park, concerning the acquisition, administration or use of historic sites included on, or eligible for inclusion on, the New Jersey Register of Historic Places;
  • to recommend, assist and cooperate in projects of commemoration, erection of monuments, placement of historic markers and placement of guide signs;
  • to cooperate and engage with other organizations, government agencies, foundations, cultural and educational institutions, museums, and libraries to carry out programs and projects of mutual interest; and
  • to seek out, apply for, receive and administer funds to carry out projects related to the purposes of the APHS from government sources, private foundations, for profit and nonprofit corporations and individual donors.

Section 3 – As time, circumstance and the will of its members dictate, the APHS may establish and operate a local history museum, a local history library, and one or more historic sites.  These facilities may be combined into one facility or may be separate facilities.  Singly or in combination they may be developed and operated solely by the APHS or they may be developed and operated in co-operation with any other educational organization, city council, county board, or state or local agency or such civic or patriotic organizations as deemed appropriate for such affiliation by the Board of Trustees.

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