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Section 1 - The Board may employ and determine the duties, responsibilities, and compensation of a paid or volunteer director.

Section 2 - The director shall be responsible to the Board and shall be subject to the direct supervision of the president. The director shall be responsible for the implementation, operation, and administration of the programs and activities of the APHS. The director shall present a report on the activities of the APHS at each regularly scheduled Board meeting and at the annual membership meeting. The director shall be an ex officio member, without vote, of all standing and ad hoc committees of the APHS. Said ex officio status shall not be counted when determining the size of such bodies, or in determining the existence of a quorum.

Section 3 - All paid and voluntary staff of the APHS shall be responsible to the director. Staff activities and services for any standing committee shall be arranged through and coordinated by the director. The director may recommend the creation of staff positions and the employment, promotion, and termination of any staff member, subject to approval by the Board.

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