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The famous 1956 Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers concert in Asbury Park- one of the country’s earliest Rock & Roll concert riots that resulted in the music genre being banned from the boardwalk- will be the subject at the Jan. 16 reorganization meeting of the Asbury Park Historical Society.

“In the summer of 1956, an aborted concert by Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers at Convention Hall led to a riot that caused Asbury Park to ban Rock & Roll. News of the riot fueled fears across the country that the new Rock & Roll music was driving the country’s youth toward violent juvenal delinquency.

“Other municipalities soon forbade Rock & Roll concerts, citing the news reports coming from Asbury Park. While Asbury Park’s banning of Rock & Roll turned out to be limited and short-lived, the impact of the 1956 Rock & Roll Riot was felt worldwide,” music expert Charlie Horner said.

Horner and his wife, Pam, will give the multimedia presentation, called “The City That Banned Rock & Roll.” The Horners are recognized by the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, in Cleveland, Ohio, as the premier experts in vocal harmony (doowop) music.

“It’s a story that has been long-waiting to be told and no one can do it better than the Horners,” APHS president Don Stine said.

The APHS reorganization meeting begins on Thursday, Jan 16 in the Asbury Park Public Library at 7 pm and people are invited to come and renew their membership in, or to join, the Historical Society. A vote on the Board of Trustee’s membership will also be held. It will also be President Don Stine’s last official meeting since he is stepping down from the post. Admission is free and there will be refreshments.

“None our formal business takes long and this program is an especially interesting part of Arbury Park’s unique musical history. The effect of this riot went well beyond the boundaries of Asbury Park,” Stine said.